Signage Your Business Needs After Lockdown Ends

Covid-19, the respiratory illness spreading across the world is thought to spread mainly from person to person.  For the lockdown to end businesses must take preventative measures, including social distancing and good hygiene. This can be achieved by posting handwashing signs on bathroom doors and installing social distancing floor signs at aisle entrances to ensure everyone understands their role to slow the spread of this deadly virus. 

Coronavirus signs provide reminders of these actions the most important and simple of which is to wash your hands and to be socially distant.  

Directional Signage – Directional signage allows you to direct the flow of pedestrian traffic to limit contact as much as possible. This can be important to navigate customers in retail outlets.

Many businesses have had to change and adapt since this pandemic has been happening.  If you require signage to meet the changing need of your business due to Covid-19, then there are plenty of new options available.  

Medical safety signs.  These safeguard and also inform patients of where it is safe to go and what steps you should follow to remain safe.

Safety screens and shields.  These are invaluable for checkouts and places where you come into contact with people.  They are an acrylic safety screen.  You can also get them in a face shield too which is clear and will protect the face.

Floor stickers.  These are stickers or markers that can be removed and will show customers where they can safely stand and wait to be served in a socially distant way.  They will be a friendly reminder for people to keep a safe distance of six feet away from one another.

Service hours signage.  Most businesses hours have changed since the pandemic.  So, you may need to change your service hours signage to be clear about the hours that you are now open.

Infection control signage.  According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “Communicate the importance of handwashing and other hygiene-related practices.  This will make sure everyone is reminded constantly of the importance of the health and safety of doing this.”

Delivery / Take Away Signage.  Your business may have had to adapt to now offer a takeaway delivery service instead of what you originally did.  If this is the case, you need to be able to let your customers know you are still open for business.  Deliver a safe take away service.  Putting a sign on the kerbside will mean that they can see that your business has adapted, and they can continue to use your services and tell others too.

Contact-free signage.  As much of the country’s essential businesses have continued to operate and those deemed none essential start to reopen their doors delivering a contact fee service will be vital.  Your customers will trust that you hold their safety in high regard and your staffs too and that will remain with them even when this pandemic is over too.  Having signage showing this needs to be clear and easy to understand.