Types and methods of demolitions

Many times, you might have seen offices or buildings getting demolished, or dismantled. Demolishing does not only mean to destroy completely. There are several types of it, which might be selective demolition or total demolition, or something in between. But before that, you must know that you should choose from those service providers which are famous for demolition services. Let’s look at the type of demolition services.

Demolishing the interiors

It means removing only the interiors of a place and keeping the exterior the same. This is common while renovating a place. It implies removing the wooden shelves, partitions, pipelines, and other such elements.


This is a common incorporation. They usually prefer having furniture which can be deconstructed from one place and reconstructed to another place. This makes it easier to shift from one place to another. It involves more labour than a usual demolition project.

Demolishing the entire structure

It simply implies demolishing the entire building or premise. It may be done through machines or manually.

Particular demolition

As the name suggests in this type only a particular part, be it exterior or interior is demolished keeping everything else intact. This is usually done in case of illegal constructions or highway projects.

Knowing some types of demolition let’s look at the methods used for it.


In this method after proper planning, a good quantity of explosives is kept at the planned place. And with just the touch of a button, the entire structure can be pulled down. But this method is dangerous and proper planning has to be done to avoid any accidents.

The wrecking ball

It is the most commonly known method but is not used anymore. In this process, a heavy ball is attached to a giant crane which then swings it to demolish the structure. But the process may go wrong if not handled properly. And after some incidents, such practice has been discontinued in many countries.

Use of excavators

The most commonly used machines for demolition around the world are excavators. In this method, various tools, which can cut or crush the concrete, are attached to excavators. The major benefit of this method is, you can use it anywhere. Be it a small building, or a skyscraper this method can pull it down. You can also look for companies good at awning Singapore.

Reading the types and methods it can be said that the service of demolition is not a standard one. Every place, every building needs a different type of method and tools to do the task.