How To Kick-Start Influencer Marketing In Your Industry For 2019

We are more than aware of the trend of influencer marketing right now. It has been building momentum for a while thanks to the exploding nature of Instagram in recent years.

Everybody thinks they are an influencer right now. And actually, they are not incorrect. Because having a social media platform of any sort gives you the potential to be an exposure channel for a brand.

If your opinions, content and activity is valuable and your audience is relevant (no matter how large or small), you have an ability to influence and create awareness of things or products or places.

This is marketing. It is influencer marketing because people take account of what these people do because they like their appeal or they trust them. Micro-influencers is a really under-valued strategy which businesses are using to take advantage of the digital landscape in 2019. Everyone is willing to receive free stuff, or be rewarded, and if the output is justified, then that is a mutually beneficial relationship which can flourish.

Let us look at the fundamental processes to start planning and building an extensive influencer plan specifically for your own business this year, which can bring you more website visitors for you to action uand track the website visitors.

Because influencer marketing generally is a top of the funnel marketing tactic, it is not what brings a conversion necessarily, but it brings people to the right areas which you will need to have prepared for.

1. Know Your Target Buyers Well

It is the first and foremost step to start influencer marketing for your B2B business as you can’t do that if you are unaware of your buyers. For instance, you should know either your buyers are price sensitive or more inclined towards good quality, do they belong to young age group or middle or old age, do they like traditional things or mostly go for cool and new things, do they prefer everything online or they like to go for offline options and so on. There are so many such things which you should know about your buyers in detail and only then you can go in a right direction.

2. Keep Details About Your Business Crystal Clear

Okay this is something buyers are very interested to know and especially if they are shopping for the first time from your platform. Like you should keep a separate tab about your details like how you started and what made you start doing this work and what goods or services you are offering and so on. It should in a storytelling manner to develop interest of your buyers and convince them to make purchases from you. It is called brand storytelling and a key tool used in influencer marketing.

3. Find the Right Influencers

Right influencers are those who are your clients, industry leaders working in similar domain or professionals which are admired by your buyers and team mates. You can also connect with industry bloggers and featured speakers. In this way, you can easily look for people who are expert in desired area and with whom your customers are getting engaged on social media.

4. Keep a Close Eye on Value Addition

The main thing here is to connect with the right influencers and you can do that much easily through value addition processes. For instance, create a content like infographics or videos based on their shared posts and information. You may share their content as well and ask them if you can include that in your content under their names. This is just like generating trust and maintain relations having relevant business types and once it is done successfully, they would contact you back themselves to engage in your workings.

5. Measure Your Success

Once you are connected with your influencers, you need to measure your success as this is where you can see the result of all above efforts. In this way, you will get to know either you are going in a right direction or you need to make some changes for the desired results. You may set some benchmarks obviously to measure the results, for instance, check the social shares, click-throughs or similar things which can calculate the success rate. Other than that, you may even check comments of people to know the reputation of your business that either it is under positive discussions or something is really bothering people out there. This data will surely help you to take the necessary initiatives for a successful influencer marketing of your B2B business.